Digital Video & Media Production

Digital Video & Media Production

Video is one of our most powerful conduits of information and expression, and digital video production specialists are the technical and artistic storytellers who are vital in shaping this content. IPR’s digital video and media production degree programs prepare you for a real-world role in video editing, production management, camera and lighting effects, and visual story development through a learning experience in professional studio classrooms.

Using the latest industry-standard tools, our digital video production school immerses you in your video and film production artistry, both in theory and application, emphasizing corporate and commercial production, as well as short and feature narrative filmmaking. We equip you with a toolbox that includes all aspects of film and video production skills, such as:

  • Industry business and management skills
  • Media distribution
  • Motion graphics
  • Preproduction
  • Production
  • Postproduction

Our digital video and media production associate and bachelor’s degree paths can lead to a variety of entry points in the video and film production industry. We help you build a strong visual portfolio for your career search through time in our studios, where you can even partner with students in other programs such as live sound and show production, and graphic and web design, to enhance your digital video and media production learning experiences.

Digital Video & Media Production Badge

Badging was created to help high-achieving students promote their skills on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other online profiles. Badges are a way to show employers that you are qualified for a position and increase your hire-ability. You can earn your video and film Production Assistant badge in your first term at IPR and start working as a PA on commercial, corporate, and feature film projects.

To earn the Production Assistant badge, students in Studio Craft class demonstrate mastery of studio etiquette, Workplace safety in the studio and in the field, the hierarchy of a working set, and basic digital asset management. Most importantly, students demonstrate the ability to identify and utilize a wide variety of grip gear and stage lighting equipment. By earning the Production Assistant badge, students demonstrate the skills necessary to start working as a PA, the first step on the career ladder in video and film production.

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AAS in Digital Video and Media Production
BFA in Digital Video and Media Production

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Digital Video and Media Production Courses for AAS and BFA degrees

Core Curriculum

Students are required to earn all credits from the following list of courses:

Class Name BFA AAS
AAS Digital Video Internship/Practicum X
Applied Color Theory X
Studio Craft X X
Story Structure and Development for Visual Media X X
Production Management X X
Basic Camera, Lighting and Editing X X
Video Editing I X X
Field Production and Lighting X X
Audio for Video and Film X X
Visual Effects X X
Visual Storytelling X X
Scriptwriting for Visual Media X X
Video Editing II X X
Demo Reel Production X X
Advanced Field Production X X
Principles of Design l X X
Career Planning for the Creative Professional X X
Design Fundamentals X X
Color Grading and Basic Color Theory X
Advanced Camera Techniques X
Animatics and Storyboarding X
Production Management II X
Digital Film Preproduction X
Digital Film Production X
Digital Film Postproduction X
Digital Video Capstone X
Digital Video Internship/Practicum X
The Media Industry Landscape X
Business Management for Media Professionals X
Law and Economics of Intellectual Property X
Entrepreneurship for the Creative Arts X
Marketing X

AAS Total Core Minimum Requirement: 69 credits

BFA Total Core Minimum Requirement: 126 credits*

*includes nine credits of electives, as approved by dean of students and program chair.

General Education

For the AAS, a minimum of 30 credits, at least three credits from each category below.

For the BFA, a minimum of 54 credits, at least three credits from each category below.


  • Speech Communications (required)
  • Composition (required)
  • Intercultural Communications
  • Creative Writing
  • Art of Persuasion
  • Mass Communication
  • Writing and Research
  • Technical Writing


  • Introduction to Humanities
  • Film in Society
  • World Music
  • Spanish I
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Art in the Modern World
  • Spanish II
  • World Literature

Natural Science & Mathematics

  • Biology
  • Environmental Issues
  • Topics in Mathematical Reasoning (required)*
  • College Algebra I (required)*
  • Earth Science
  • College Algebra II
  • Statistics
  • Introduction to Decision Systems

*Students must complete either NS112 or NS116.

Social Science

  • Global Citizenship (required)
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • History of American Music
  • Law in Society
  • Interpersonal Relations (required)
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Sociology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Psychology of Personality
  • Human Behavior
  • Abnormal Psychology

Total AAS General Education Minimum Requirement: 30 Credits

Total BFA General Education Minimum Requirement: 54 Credits

Based on competency exam scores, digital video and media production students may be required to take one or more of the following preparatory classes: FM051 Foundations of Math I, FM052 Foundations of Math II, FW051 Foundations of Writing I, and/or FW052 Foundations of Writing II.

BFA students are required to complete 30 percent of the digital video and media production program at the 300/400 level.

Careers in Digital Video & Media Production

BFA Careers

Graduates from our BFA in digital video and media production program are prepared for entry-level employment in a number of careers:

  • Associate producer/production
  • Associate producer/post
  • Production coordinator
  • Production manager
  • Stage manager
  • Unit production manager
  • First assistant director
  • Second assistant director
  • Script supervisor
  • Production assistant
  • Director of photography
  • Camera operator
  • Gaffer
  • Key grip
  • Best boy grip
  • Dolly grip
  • Grip
  • Sound mixer/audio engineer
  • Boom operator/audio assistant
  • Assistant editor
  • Editor
  • Floor manager

AAS Careers

Graduates from the associate degree program in digital video and media production are prepared for entry-level employment in a variety of fields including, but not limited to:

  • Associate producer/production
  • Associate producer/post
  • Production coordinator
  • Second assistant director
  • Production assistant
  • Camera operator
  • Key grip
  • Best boy grip
  • Dolly grip
  • Grip
  • Boom operator/audio assistant
  • Assistant editor



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Digital Video & Media Production


7% is the average growth rate for all occupations from 2016 to 2026.*

*The average growth rate data is taken from the site for the occupation: Digital Video & Media Production.

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