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Audio Production & Engineering Program*

The audio production and engineering program offers a degree designed to train producer engineers who are entrepreneurs, musically and technically creative, and proficient in modern recording technology and technique. Audio production and engineering program students learn the fundamentals: acoustics, audio signal flow, recording, music theory, digital audio workstations, MIDI sequencing, and music management and entertainment business essentials.

Digital Video & Media Production Program**

Video is one of our most powerful conduits of information and expression, and digital video production specialists are the technical and artistic storytellers who are vital in shaping this school’s content. IPR’s digital video and media production degree programs prepare you for a real-world role in video editing, production management, camera and lighting effects, and visual story development through a learning experience in professional studio classrooms.

Live Sound & Show Production Program*

The Associate in Applied Science in Live Sound and Show Production program offers a degree designed to present sound and lighting performance enhancement through the blending of technology and aesthetic application. The live sound and show production degree program presents the fundamentals of acoustics, signal flow, color and light, basic electronics, audio, lighting and video reproduction devices. Live Sound and Show Production program students are trained to be audiovisual engineers and designers who are proficient in the creation, operation and planning of modern day musical, theatrical, event and corporate productions.

Sound Design for Visual Media Program*

The Sound Design for Visual Media program offers a degree, taught by industry accomplished school instructors, that immerses the college student in the world and industry of sound design for visual media. Sound Design for Visual Media program students learn key skills and concepts necessary to meet the demands of a large-scale audio/visual media project. These program skills and concepts include advanced sound design, synchronization, sound effects creation, field and location audio recording, boom operation, ADR recording and editing, Foley recording and editing, the creation and recording of music for visual media programs, and the audible mixing of these elements together.

Avid Pro Tools Certifications Courses

The Avid Pro Tools Certified User Exam is the first of several certification exams that allow you to become Avid Certified. The combined certifications offer an established and recognized goal for both academic users and industry professionals.

*Occupational Associate Degree

**Academic Associate Degree

Artist in recording studio utilizing auto-tune

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