IPR History

A Campus of Creativity. Discover how a few people with a passion  for the arts made their vision a reality.

The Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) was founded in 2002 by a group of professionals with real-world experience in music production, recording, engineering and entertainment business.

These four individuals included Terry Myhre, owner of numerous career colleges and production powerhouse Broadview Media; Jack Robinson, the owner/operator of the Electronic Musicians Workshop and accomplished producer/engineer; Lance Sabin, a producer/songwriter awarded with numerous major label and Billboard Top 100 credits; and Tom Tucker, Sr., a master engineer with years of experience at many of the Twin Cities’ top studios.

With a century of experience among them, a shared passion for the creative arts and a desire to lead the industry’s next generation of talented professionals, IPR was born.

About IPR

IPR was designed with the creative student in mind. We provide hands-on training to those individuals who want a behind-the-scenes education in several programs related to the creative arts.

As a community of learners, educators and industry professionals, The Institute of Production and Recording is dedicated to giving students the dynamic skills they need to qualify for entry-level positions in production, recording, design and entertainment business.

Our degree programs include audio production and engineering, live sound and show production, digital video and media production, and sound design for visual media.

A degree from The Institute of Production and Recording prepares students to not only meet the standards of a competitive industry but exceed them.

creative student with faculty member
Broadview Education student

Broadview Education Consortium

As members of Broadview Education Consortium (BEC), IPR works collaboratively with other career colleges, universities and learning centers to help students achieve their educational and professional goals.

Through consortium agreements approved by member schools’ accrediting bodies, credits earned at one network school may be applied toward a student’s program at another, subject to accreditation and licensing criteria.

In other words, students can transfer course credits from one member school to another with ease, as long as their credits have been approved by the accrediting bodies of each school and met all of the necessary criteria.

Members of BEC

  • Minnesota School of Cosmetology
  • Broadview University
  • Institute of Production and Recording (IPR)