Kevin Beacham

Hip-Hop Essentials

Kevin Beacham discovered hip-hop in 1980 and has been actively involved in the genre’s culture ever since. His early
fascination with hip-hop led to emceeing, production and eventually deejaying.
After 15 years as an artist, Kevin felt a growing need to explore the business side of the industry and started his own company, Rage Promotions.

His industry connections led to positions as an independent journalist, head organizer for Scribble Jam Hip-Hop festival and an ongoing stint as a radio show host. He has used his knowledge of hip hop on his radio show, in his writing, and in his lectures at colleges, high schools and community programs.

In 2003, Kevin was asked by indie powerhouse label Rhymesayers to move to Minneapolis to act as project manager. In conjunction with Rhymesayers, Kevin introduced a hip-hop class to IPR in 2006.

Regardless of which new venture he explores, Kevin never loses sight of his passion for hip-hop culture and has spent countless hours researching and studying its past and present.

Client Highlights

Produced campaigns for many major labels and independent companies, including:

  • A&M
  • Def American
  • Delicious Vinyl
  • Lugs
  • Wildpitch