IPR Announces Winners for ‘Show Us Your Stuff’ Contest

The past few weeks, representatives from education, career services, and the Digital Video and Media Production department have been pouring over the entries in IPR’s Show us Your Stuff Contest. The contest asks IPR students and grads to submit a 2-3 minute video that represents work that they are currently involved in. Students were asked to submit videos of their businesses, an awesome project, a new song, a short film, or how-to videos.

The selection team received eight quality submissions, ranging from a short film to a class project. Winners received recognition for their hard work and a gift card to Amazon.com. IPR plans to hold the competition biannually, so get your next project ready.

And the winners were:

1st place: Anthony Sylvers for his BIAS FX Demo
2nd Place: Parker Gorecki and Owen Seaton for their ultra- short film Alien Abduction
3rd Place: Debbie Ristan and her Event Production classmates for the PSA Bullying Prevention

Kevin Gamble, Jorge Fuentes, and Taylor Allen took home honorable mention nods.