Christy Perry

Faculty, Mathematics, Computer Technology

Christy was born in Mississippi at the height of the Civil Rights movement. Her parents continually moved around the South — Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee —averaging a new state every two years. Yet, wherever they went, she found them.

She worked for more than 20 years as an insurance product manager and actuary. She served as vice president of product development for an insurance organization in Nashville, Tennessee, and as the executive officer over a product management team at Nationwide Insurance in Columbus, Ohio.

Her insurance career continued to move her further and further north, and now she finds herself living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota with her husband, two sons, and a cat who begs to return to a warmer climate. Nevertheless, the Twin Cities are the ideal environment to pursue her second career as a writer, storyteller, and college instructor. Christy teaches all levels of mathematics, physics, and occasionally IT and writing classes.


  • M.S., Mathematics: Middle Tennessee State University
  • B.A., Philosophy: St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland

Career Highlights

  • Vice president of product development for a startup insurance organization which grew from $0 to over $100,000,000 in premiums
  • Held executive positions in four different insurance organizations
  • Currently in startup mode of a small Minnesota-based publishing company
  • First novel to be published in June