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Pro Tools 11 New Bounce to Disk and Quicktime Tutorial

We recently spent some time with Avid’s product specialists, getting an in-depth, under-the-hood look at the new Pro Tools 11 to prepare for our next training sessions.

In this short tutorial, Brian Jacoby introduces the new Bounce to Disk and Bounce to Quicktime features in Avid’s Pro Tools 11. Enhancements include: Offline bounce (faster than real time), bouncing multiple sources or stems to multiple files, including multiple stems as tracks within a Quicktime file, outputting MP3 mixes at the same time as full-fidelity mixes, including compressed MP3 audio in a Quicktime bounce, transcoding non-Quicktime compatible media into Quicktime on bounce, and the automatic inclusion of a “Bounced Files” folder within the session directory.

Brian demonstrates the new features and discusses some of the advantages and limitations of the new options. Avid completely redesigned the audio engine in this latest version of Pro Tools, making many new features and enhancements possible, including many of these enhancement to the bounce feature. Where there were formerly debates about the quality of “internal” versus “external” bounces, and advantages of using alternative DAW’s for long-format material, Pro Tools has come a long way in closing the gap.

This overhaul has also increased the efficiency of the audio engine, allowing more native processing, better memory usage and less latency when recording.

Stay with us for more video tutorials highlighting the new features of Pro Tools 11.



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