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IPR's Paul Bolen Opens AGM Studios

Paul Bolen guitars and piano

Many of you know Paul Bolen as an IPR Pro Tools Instructor, but did you also know he is now the proud owner of a new recording facility in downtown Minneapolis? An IPR faculty member since 2007, Paul has been searching a long time to find studio space that meets his expectations.

Paul Microphone

AGM Studios is located in the Savoie Building @ 126 North 3rd Street, Suite B10.

Paul Bolen Euphonix

Special thanks go out to all interns (IPR students and alumni) who have made the opening of AGM Studios a possibility this quickly; In only a little over a month, AGM is ready for use.  As a thank you for all the help, Paul has decided to offer a special discounted rate to all IPR students, alumni, faculty and staff.

AGM Studios’ grand opening will take place Monday, January 30th from 4-10pm.  YOU ARE ALL INVITED!

Paul Bolen Control Room



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