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Basic Tracks – Communist Daughter Records New Music @ IPR in Master Mix Studio

IPR’s Music Production Capstone hosted local favorites Communist Daughter, recording some basic tracks for their next single. Fresh off the road opening for Jason Isbell, the band was practiced and performing tight.

Communist Daughter singer and leader John Solomon laid down guitar and scratch vocal with his amp in the Master Mix A ISO. (image credit Matthew G Anderson)

“I’ve worked with them before, both in Master Mix and in my own studio, but they’ve gotten better and better over the last two years,” remarks instructor and co-producer Kevin Bowe. “This next batch of songs will likely land them further out into the national spotlight and I’m guessing their next album will be released on a bigger national label.”

Kevin also remarked on how easy it was to get drum sounds, “because the drummer is great, his kit SOUNDS great, and the new live room in Master Mix is really perfect for drums.”

Early Beatles’ favorite Coles 4033 ribbon microphones were used to capture the overheads, for what Kevin describes as “a nice pillowy sound.” He remarks, however, that brighter microphones would have work just as well, for a different type of sound.

The Sure Beta 52 and D112 were both tested in the ‘kick in’ position, with the Beta 52 winning-out in this particular session, and the FET 47 has proven once again to be a favorite on the ‘kick out’. AKG 414’s were used on the Toms.

“I got tired of always brightening the toms in my mixes so I don’t use 421’s on toms any more,” says Kevin.

A standard Sure SM57 ‘top & bottom’ setup was used for the snare, a Neumann TLM 49 Large Diaphragm Condenser was crushed through a vintage UREI 1176 for the room, combined with a Lawson mic run clean for a second option on the room.

The secret sauce in the drum mix was a ‘butt mic’ (Sure KSM 44, another Large Diaphragm Condenser) placed at the drummer’s request. We’re excited to hear how that lines up in the mix.

IPR alumnus Dillon Marchus joined the band following a session in Kevin’s class last year and now tours with them as a multi-instrumentalist.

Kevin closes, “Next week we’ll cut two more songs, the students had a great time and I think they love being a part of a session that will result in a track that many, many people will actually hear and buy.”

Check out more of communist daughter here:

“Ghosts” – Communist Daughter – “Lions & Lambs” E.P. 2012 from Communist Daughter on Vimeo.



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