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Audio Production Class Records Indie Group Bella Ruse

Alex of Bella Ruse Listens To Drum Performance RS

lft to rt: IPR Students Christopher Weeks and Andy Springer with Bella Ruse

Audio Production 282: This week Kevin Bowe and class were working with Minneapolis based duo Bella Ruse.

Impressively skilled, Kay Gillete (vocals), Joseph Barker (piano and guitar), and Alex Young (Drums, percussion) performed all basic tracks together live. Overdubs forthcoming, Bella Ruse used no click track and evidenced focus on song as art: a treat in today’s world of studio trickery.

Kevin Bowe Directing Vocals W/ Kay Gillette

lft to rt: Kay Gillette discusses vocal performance with Producer Kevin Bowe

Vocalist Kay Gillete describes Bella Ruse as “indie folk pop”. The band was hard at work on what Gillete called a “short French album” (3-4 songs); they plan to release this one on vinyl.

What makes the album French? Vocals. Turns out Gillete sings as flawlessly in French as she does in English. I’m looking forward to the final result.

Bella Ruse Reviewing a Performance RS

lft to rt: Kay Gillette, Alex Young, and Joseph Barker



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