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34 Facts and Features of Pro Tools 11

34 Facts and features of Pro Tools 11:

Faster-than Real-time Bounce

  1. Requires the iLok 2 (old turquoise color iLoks will not work).
  2. Will require 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  3. Old silver/blue face hardware, though ‘not officially supported’, will supposedly work.
  4. Won’t work with Core 2 Duo Apple computers.
  5. Offline Bounce is phase accurate (tested by doing a real-time bounce to disk, then an offline bounce, then reversing the phase on one of them. They cancel. With other DAW’s offline render this is not the case).
  6. Offline Bounce is up to 150x faster than real-time – 1 hour in under 1 minute.
  7. Ability to right click on a stem or track and offline bounce it. If you select import after bounce it’ll bring the bounced file into the clips list to be dropped on the track it came from, fulfilling the ‘freeze track’ request from users.
  8. Ability to bounce a WAV and MP3 at the same time.
  9. Bounce multiple stems at the same time… as in bounce multiple bounce sources at the same time.
  10. Session folder now contains a “bounced files” folder where all bounces will go.
  11. Automation playback position is 100% accurate when offline bouncing… another issue with offline bouncing in certain other DAW’s.
  12. Dynamic Plug-in Processing – When a track doesn’t have audio to play back, the new Avid Audio Engine will take CPU away from plug-ins that are on that track. Pro Tools did not do this in v10 and earlier, includes the ability to enable/disable this feature from the Playback Engine window.
  13. Workspace Browser rebuilt. Dynamic search in Workspace Browser, same way that the search function acts in the clips list. Unified Project and Workspace Browsers.
  14. New 64-bit Avid Audio Engine (AAE).
  15. Dedicated input and output buffering system in Avid Audio Engine makes for near zero latency record on native systems with sessions that have large tracks counts and a lot of plug-ins.
  16. Ability to record automation on the same track that you are recording audio on, at the same time.
  17. Automation is now time-stamped just like audio files.
  18. Track meters are 30% taller in mix window.
  19. Track meters have been completely redesigned and are much higher resolution.
  20. Track meters are capable of show one of 17 different metering standards.
  21. Track meters can show track amplitude and plug-in dynamics at the same time.
  22. Mini dynamics meter in plug-in insert point.
  23. Ability to view all sends on a track in fader/meter view at the same time.
  24. New hot keys to bypass inserts by selected track:
    • Shift –A (all)
    • Shift – 1 (sends A-E)
    • Shift – 2 (sends F-J)
    • Shift – E (EQ)
    • Shift – C (Dynamics)
    • Shift – V (Reverb)
    • Shift – D (Delay)
    • Shift – W (Modulation)
  25. The Media Composer Avid Video Engine (AVE) is now integrated into Pro Tools (in Pro Tools 10 and earlier used a separate video engine).
  26. Ability to play XD Cam, Avid HNX HD, Avid DNX HD, MXF HD, Apple Pro Res, and all other video formats supported by Avid Media Composer.
  27. Support for the same range of video interfaces that Media Composer supports: Avid Mojo DX, Avid Nitris DX, AJA, Black Magic Design, etc.
  28. Ability to import a high res video and choose to view it in full res or ‘offline’ lower quality with a mouse click.
  29. Can now edit video in Pro Tools properly.
  30. Ability to enable/disable the Avid Video Engine from the Playback Engine window.
  31. Video Satellite is now included with Pro Tools 11. No longer a separate authorization.
  32. Can run Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 11 on the same machine, co-install.
  33. RTAS plug-ins will not work in Pro Tools 11.
  34. Support for Apple Retina Displays.



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