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PC Version of Batman: Arkham Asylum Offers Significantly Greater Immersion Than Console Counterparts.

“This isn’t one of those in-game pre-rendered movies, is it?” As Batman: Arkham Asylum played on the screen, a Game Night attendee demanded answers. I couldn’t fault him for questioning the graphics’ validity. Videogame companies notoriously employ smoke, mirrors, and feature film-quality 3D animation to mislead consumers into buying a product that can, in no
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Smell the Cheese? Brogamers Hail New Call of Dooooooooodie Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

“‘Sup brogamers! The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 trailer aired last night during the Sunday night FOOOOOOTBALLLL(!!) match between the Steelers and the Chargers. It was AWESOME! There were explosions, and people running around in military stuff, and like Bible references, and OMG the music! It had power chords! ROCK ONNNN! Like, words
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Five additional enlightening videos on videogame audio design and one text-based interview.

As I’ve very strongly implied in Five Enlightening Videogame Sound Design Videos, and Five More Enlightening Videos on Videogame Music and Sound Design, not only is the audio in this industry wildly varied, so is the way it’s implemented. But if you’re still not convinced, or are as hungry for industry info as me, here
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