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Winter 2012 Battle of the Beats Review. Congratulations to the winner Brad Grunst!

Adding something new to the mix this quarter, IPR’s favorite go-to spot Honey Lounge played host Thursday night to the fiercest group of beat makers this side of the Mississippi.  Crowd-favorite veterans such as DLinz (Derek Linzy), Sir Dré (Andre Steele), and The Coldest (a.k.a. Luke Young) did not disappoint.  Newcomers to the battle included John Chavez who suffered an early elimination in the battle.  Like the saying goes, only the good die young, and John Chavez is sure to battle back again!  First-quarter student Elgin Thrower, who goes by ‘They Call Me Bo’, represented his hometown of Missouri who went up against Arthur Costa (a.k.a. Cheef) who brought his smooth flowing loops and cruisin’ beats winning the crowd over after guest judges Mychal Fisher (Aquatic Son) and Onyx Johnson (King Sandman) left the win in the hands of the audience.


Sir Dré brought a secret weapon with him to the stage in the form of fellow IPR classmate Chris Kielas (a.k.a. Keyless) to battle against the reigning Beat Master DLinz.  In the end, Aquatic Son and King Sandman gave it up for DLinz as he advanced to the final round against battle newcomer – Brad Grunst.  As a late entry, Grunst delivered hard, bass-thumping beats married with a synthetic vibe that left your head nodding to the beat.  You could feel the crowd’s excitement grow as the battle waged on.  A final round tie-breaker between DLinz and Grunst prompted the judges to rally the crowd for one more elimination round to take the crown for the title of Beat Master.  Host Joe (Avey) Sadowski in the end broke out the Applause-O-Meter congratulating Brad Grunst as the victor.


Special guests brought down the house in between battle rounds.  Performances included the likes of Prince-Jamal Mack, a crowd favorite who showcased his smooth flowing free-style rap battle skills.  It was clear this was not his first time at the rodeo…  Another fresh performance for the night with a powerful message about his time served abroad as part of the US military was delivered by AWALL (Andy Springer).  His high energy performance and passionate lyrics touched the audience with a standing roar of applause.  Sir Dré, took to the stage again pulling double duty as a guest performer – wooing the ladies with his melodic vocals.  Guest judge King Sandman took to the mic for the final guest performance of the show.  His presence, delivery and beats showcased his raw talent and skills and it was felt by the crowd.  Sandman’s lyrical skills could be rivaled against the likes of Bone, Thugs and Harmony any day!


Special thanks go out to all the battlers: Luke Young, Elgin Thrower, Andre Steele, Derek Linzy, Brad Grunst, John Chavez, and Arthur Costa.  Thank you as well to all the IPR students who came out in support of their classmates for this event, as well as the staff and sound engineers of Honey Lounge.  Last but certainly not least, thank you to all the evening’s guest performers:  Andre Steele, Andy Springer, Prince-Jamal Mack, and Onyx Johnson.


We’ll see you at the next Battle of the Beats!

Anna Rau, Student Services Coordinator | IPR



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