Win a free IPR T-shirt!


Win a free IPR T-shirt!

Want to win a free IPR T-shirt?  Stop by the Learning Center in the back of the library for either math or writing help and enter our drawing for a free shirt!  Every time you bring in a paper for writing help or come in for extra math help, you are eligible to enter the drawing.  So the more times you swing by for help, the more chances you have to win!


The Learning Center is a free resource for students seeking extra help in general education classes such as math and writing.  Writing instructors and trained peer tutors staff the Learning Center and are ready to help you improve your papers in all areas, including APA citations, grammar, organization, voice/tone, developing paragraphs, transitions, thesis statements, and more!  On the math side, math instructors and peer tutors staff the Learning Center and are ready for you to come by with algebra questions, Foundations of Math questions, business math questions, and more!  They can even help you study for upcoming math tests!


See you in the Learning Center soon!






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