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What Every IPR Student Must Know!

What Every IPR Student Must Know!



Attendance Policy Update:

20% means 20% – Beginning with Early Fall quarter 2009 attendance for students in courses having both lecture and lab will have the 20% Rule apply to both Lecture and Lab separately.  This means if a student misses 20% of the lab, and has perfect attendance in the lecture, s/he will be withdrawn from the course.  Likewise if s/he misses 20% of the lecture and has perfect attendance in the lab, s/he will be withdrawn from the course.

In addition – tardy time will count towards the 20%.  If you are five minutes late, it may be noted by your instructor and it will be used in calculating attendance as it pertains to the 20% Rule.  As in the past, students who miss 15 minutes or more, and at the discretion of the instructor, may be marked absent for the entire class session.

Translation: Don’t miss class and if students must miss, make up each absence by discussing the absence with instructors prior to the event if possible and request a make-up option.  Students who make use of this opportunity will never face being withdrawn from a course for attendance.  Be good consumers of your educational experience!


Student Handbook 2009-2010

Quarterly Attendance  – Training at IPR is highly concentrated. Students must maintain 80% minimum attendance in any given course in order to remain actively enrolled within that course.  Should a student reach a point where s/he is absent more than 20% of any given course, s/he will automatically be withdrawn from the course and will receive WI grade designation.  After 60% of the quarter and if withdrawn, the student will receive an “F” for the course.  (80% minimum attendance is required in both lecture and lab sections when applicable.  If students are withdrawn from one or the other, they will be withdrawn from the course.) If withdrawn from a course, the student must then repay in order to retake the course in a later quarter.  Students are asked to alert their instructors if they cannot be in class on a given day, and to work with fellow students to review missed material.  Under no circumstances, however, can a student miss more than 20% within a single course and remain within the course.

Class Make-up Option – Students may, with the approval of their instructor, request to make up a missed class.  The make-up experience or assignment must meet the educational objectives for the class missed and completed IPR attendance make-up forms must be submitted to the Registrar’s office before the attendance can be adjusted. Students and instructors are encouraged to take advantage of this option after the first absence in any given lecture or lab, thus avoiding the likelihood of being withdrawn from a course.  Further, once a student reaches the point of having missed more than 20% of a course, s/he may not petition to make up an absence.

Student Email Update:

  • All student email addresses will be changing.  The new emails will be ready for you July 27, 2009.
  • The address will follow this formula:
  • There will be more information for you about the logistics and benefits of this new “Outlook Live Student Email System” on the Student Life web site.
  • The old accounts will stay active for 90 days allowing each student to forward  old emails that need to be retained to the new address.
  • Massively improved user interface!



Consumer Protection Information Report:

All students were sent an email regarding IPR’s Consumer Protection Information Report.  A link to this report will also be established on the Student Life web site.


Badge Use Reminder:

Safety and security of people, facilities and equipment  are important to  IPR students, employees and guests. Your cooperation in adhering to the badge policy is essential.


If your identification card or key card is lost or stolen see the IT staff immediately.

KEY CARD lost or stolen….See the IT department immediately. They will deactivate the lost/stolen key card and issue a new one.  You must purchase a replacement key card at a cost of $15.00 for the first replacement card. The second replacement key card will cost $50.00.

ID CARD lost or stolen….See the IT department and have a new one made immediately.  The cost for a lost ID card is $5.00.

The fees apply to  staff, facility, and students alike.  See Jolene Krieger to pay for the replacement ID or key card prior to seeing IT.

All STUDENTS must enter through the student entrance. After hour students and visitors must go through the Lab office to sign in/out and MUST wear their visitor badge at all times.  This temporary badge is valid for one day and will not have access to the entry doors.

For facility, staff and students that have forgotten their ID badge- you must go to LAB office to receive a temporary badge. This will NOT give you access to the outside entrances, it will serve as an ID only.

If your ID/key card is lost or stolen you will have to pay to have it replaced, see the IT department immediately.  The lost key card MUST be removed the security system so it cannot be used.


Student Handbook Update:

The IPR Student Handbook is a living document and a link is maintained on the Student Life web site for easy access.  Recently substantive changes have been made.  Please review the document again.  These policies guide your activities, rights and responsibilities while you are a student at IPR.



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