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What are the precinct caucuses?
Precinct caucuses are the first step used by Minnesota’s major political parties to select the candidates and issues they will support in the 2008 elections. Minnesota’s three major political parties are the Democratic-Farmer-Labor, Independence, and Republican parties. The 2008 precinct caucuses are open to the public. The DFL, Independence, and Republican parties will hold their precinct caucuses on February 5 at 7 p.m. The Independence Party will also be holding virtual precinct caucuses starting February 5 at

What’s happening at the Caucuses?
1. Election of delegates and alternates
Delegates are the individuals who will go to the party conventions later in the spring and summer to determine which candidates will receive the party endorsement. At the precinct caucus you will have an opportunity to elect delegates and alternate delegates. Become a delegate if you want to influence which candidates your party will support.
2. Discussion of issues
Caucuses also provide a forum for you to voice your views on a wide range of important political issues. You can submit and vote on resolutions that the party conventions may make a part of their platform.
3. Straw Ballot
Political parties may use the precinct caucuses to conduct preference polls for presidential candidates.

What do I need to bring?
Bring a piece of mail (a utility bill works best) that shows your address and proves that you are attending the correct caucus location.

Where do I go? -This site will allow you to find a location based on your zip code.



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