Updates And Reminders from the Cafe!

Updates and Reminders from the GreenRoom Cafe:

The Cafe closes Daily at 4pm and stops serving hot food at 3pm.

Please allow 15-20 minutes for all hot food orders. If you are in a hurry to get to class on time please consider ordering a cold sandwich or a salad.

There are refills on Coffee once you have purchased one initial cup for the day, however, you must bring back the cup or IPR travel mug that you were given or used at the time of your original purchase.

There are NO refills on soda.

Baskets will no longer be allowed to be taken outside of the GreenRoom. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to get returned! Please make sure to let the Cafe staff know if you will be taking your lunch to go.



Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

A representative will be contacting you shortly.