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Update regarding elective credits

Many of you have heard there have been some changes to the number of elective credits available to students while in their degree program.  There are many factors to be considered.  Please review the information below and if you have questions, see the Registrar, Student Success Coordinator, Dean of Students or Financial Aid to clarify.

Making the most of your IPR Education – Have a plan!

(Understanding Elective Credit Planning)

The Rules:

Students cannot unreasonably* exceed the credit requirements that are published in the current course catalog and/or catalog addendum.  *For example, a student currently enrolled in the AAS Audio Production & Engineering program who has already completed 12 or more credits towards the minimum requirement of 12 Specialization Elective credits will be prohibited from registering from additional Specialization Electives.
Students can cash pay and/or use funds secured from private lenders to cover classes in excess of their program requirements as single subject upon completion of their program.
Students cannot exceed 150% of the minimum credit requirement for their program of study in attempted credits. This applies specifically to students that have withdrawn (for whatever reason) and/or failed (F letter grade) classes. With current credit requirements of 98 credits for each of our degree programs, this means students may not exceed 147 credits attempted prior to completing your degree.  If it is determined that a student will not be able to complete their program within this requirement, he or she will be withdrawn from school.

What does this mean for you?

IPR Students are subject to the same rules as all students at all private career colleges.
Have a plan for elective credit choices.  (IPR’s Student Success Coordinator is here to help.) Keep in mind –
·         Total elective credits vary between degrees – APE = 12 credits, MEB = 29 credits.
·         Read the course descriptions and choose those that most closely align with your career goals.
·         Check the prerequisites for the electives of your choice. Plan your time accordingly.
·         Know the required course sequence, review your progress regularly with the advising and registrar’s staff and prepare for your future. The Registrar’s office is ready to help you implement your plan during registration.
Determine a post-graduate study plan to take the courses that did not fit into your degree program.  All IPR Graduates can continue to take courses on a “single subject basis.”  Take advantage of continued access to faculty professionals, studio facilities and ongoing networking opportunities as you begin your career.

Bottom Line:
You can design your education path.  It takes planning and good use of all the resources available to you at IPR!



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