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Update on the Move to 300 1st Ave. North

We want to make sure to keep you up speed as much as possible with what is happening regarding our highly anticipated move to 300 North 1st Ave.  We will remain in our current building through the end of the current quarter (Spring 2012) and plan to open our doors at the new facility prior to the scheduled start of Early Fall 2012 quarter (Monday, July 30th).  This means, while you are all back home for the summer or traveling to other cities and countries, we will be diligently getting ready for your return.

We have specifically chosen summer break to make our move so the transition will impact our students in the least bit possible.  IPR will be closed to students and guests for a brief period during this time.   However, we will keep you posted via your student email and social networking for the date and time of reopening.  During the duration of the summer break all of our classrooms and studios will be under construction and students will NOT have access to them during this time.  All labs and studios will close starting on Friday, June 8th at Midnight and will remain closed until Monday, July 30th.

We are planning an open house for returning current students on Wednesday, July 25th from 3-7pm at 300 North 1st Ave.  This will be a great opportunity for you to come and explore the new facility and figure out where your classrooms and studios are located prior to July 30th.

Check out the map below to get a better sense of where we’re headed.   You’ll notice on the map that we really aren’t moving far, just about .3 miles (about three blocks) from our current location.  We’ll still be right on the Metro Transit Light Rail path, however, the new stop that you’ll be looking for will be at the corner of 1st Avenue and 5th Street.  We will also be just a few doors down from the Fine Line Music Café.   Parking won’t change much, especially for those of you that are currently parking in the Union Plaza and Super Saver lots  located just across the street and down a slight hill.  This will still be a perfect place to park and walk over to 1st Avenue.  A new parking option is RAMP C of the ABC Ramps.  Ramp C is within a block of our new campus and has great carpool pricing options as well as monthly contract, hourly and daily rates for general public access.  The main entrance to ramp C is on 3rd Ave. North but can also be accessed directly from 94 and 394 when traveling eastbound.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our highly anticipated move please free to stop by the Student Services Department anytime and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Keep an eye on the IPR Facebook page and blogs in the coming months for continued news and pictures providing a sneak peek into the construction progress.






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