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The following classes have been added to the 09SPRING schedule.

Attention IPR Students!

The following classes have been added to the 09SPRING schedule.  If you would like to change your schedule to add one of these courses, please see the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible.

EB254-L2 – Career Opportunities              Thursdays           9:30am-11:30am

(Anyone currently enrolled in the first class section who would be interested in switching to the new section to enjoy the benefits of a smaller class size is encouraged to come see the Registrar’s office!) 

IN262-1 – Keyboard Techniques I             Tuesdays             9:30am-11:30am

AP293-L – Hip Hop Essentials                     Tuesdays             9:30am-11:30am

AP293LAB-1                                                 Thursdays           3:00pm-5:00pm 

The pre-requisites have been adjusted for AP293.  Information on this class, and what you need to do if you want to enroll, is listed below. 


COURSE TITLE:  Hip Hop essentials with Rhymesayers Entertainment

PREREQUISITES:       -AP240 OR AE200 and AP200

                                        -Portfolio Submission

AP293 is a joint effort between IPR and Rhymesayers Entertainment (RSE).  Enrollment is limited to only 8 students who will be selected by a committee consisting of members of RSE and IPR.  Our final selection will be based on finding students who are interested in exploring the many different facets of the Hip Hop business and culture.

-Portfolio Submission:

                Essay:  Write an essay (minimum of 300 words) explaining why you wish to take this course, how you feel it will be beneficial to you future goals, and what unique talents you bring to the class.  In addition, include any previous experiences you feel may be relevant including experiences with; internships, recording (including released projects), performances, booking, artist management/development, marketing/promotions, engineering, memberships to societies, etc., etc.

                Demo:  Also, include a CD of a musical project with a maximum of 3 songs that you have been involved in.  Your involvement can be as an artist (DJ, MC, Producer, Instrumentalist, Vocalist, etc.), engineer or from the business side (management, talent scout, publicist, etc.).  Please indicate with an attachment your role(s).

DEADLINE:  Submissions are due at 5:00pm on Wednesday, March 11th, the Wednesday of Finals Week, with absolutely no exceptions under any circumstances.   Submissions should be delivered to Steve Hodge or Eric Trelstad.

See the IPR Student Website, Eric Trelstad or Steve Hodge for more information.



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