Five Survival Tips for Your First Term at IPR

Written By Maria Barr
Students at tablesBFA student, Digital Video and Media Production

Starting at a new school is always a big deal. It takes a lot of time, planning, and transitioning to find your footing, but when you do, it is totally worth it. One of the great things about starting a degree program at the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) is that it’s a small college. This means that no matter what , there are always staff and faculty available to help you out.

Stay in Touch with your Admissions Rep

In my first week of school, I really struggled with finding places to park downtown and using the buses. It was all a total mystery to me. Luckily, I thought to reach out to my admissions rep, Kelsey. She immediately helped me locate the bus stops in my area and the best routes I should take. She even offered to take the bus with me sometime after class! That is just one example of the help you will receive at IPR, especially when you are the “new kid.”

Five Tips For Every New IPR Student

If you want some friendly advice, here are a few helpful tips to ease the process of starting school at IPR:

  1. Make new friends: Be open and kind to everyone you meet, and you will have no trouble making friends with your new classmates. IPR has a naturally friendly and relaxed environment.
  2. Reach out to school leaders: Feel encouraged to arrange a meeting with your key instructors and administrators. You will be seeing these people a lot of during your time at IPR. You’ll receive some good advice and get to know them early on. You also demonstrate that you are serious about committing to your major and making the most of your time in school.
  3. Make a transportation plan: Plan on where you want to park and/or what  bus routes you want to take before the first day of class. Or, think about riding a bike to school. You do not want to leave this until the last minute  (trust me).
  4. Get involved: At every opportunity, volunteer yourself for any projects that will increase your experience and knowledge of your career. There are tons of recording sessions, live shows, video shoots, as well as professional opportunities – get involved and gain experience.
  5. Work hard, but take it easy: Don’t stress yourself out too much! Give yourself enough time to get settled in, and know that it’s okay to make mistakes. Just ask Edina Studio Manager Red White, he always says, “It’s only by making mistakes – and solving them – that we are able to learn how to make good decisions, avoid future problems, and become pros in our fields.

Good luck on your journey!