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Summer Deal @ Library

Couple things to wrap it up, my pookie comrades:


2. Give a big round of applause to Mr IT himself, Jason Messerschmitt for fixing the Wi -Fi sitch in Colonial.

3. The library hours vary in the summer. Check the website for updates.

4. My special summer package for your summer time enjoyment:

Check out 1 book, 1 DVD and 1 or more CD(s) all about the same artist or genre or record label or whatever comes to mind. Create one yourself, for crying out loud. Yours to enjoy over break (you have to be a returning student in good standing with the librarian to qualify).

5.  ACCESS TO ROCKS BACKPAGES: due to technical difficulties (Globe IT), the folks at RBP had to give us a username and password to sign in.

User ID: iprstudent    PW: student

Remember: Lester Bangs’ hilarious music reviews, who was the controversial, brilliant rock critic from the ’70s who coined the term “punk rock” and  who was portrayed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the movie “Almost Famous”, would make for great summer reading. What I’m saying is: you can find his articles on RBPs.

Y’all come back, now. Ya hear?!

Lester Bangs



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