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Student Profile: Oriel Cornwall

The Institute of Production and Recording attracts talented and motivated individuals from all over the world who are looking to take their education seriously.  However, the reality of today’s music and multimedia industry is one of fierce competition, and not everyone has the drive and determination to take what they learn and apply it in order to forge a viable career path for themselves.  Those that do possess this degree of motivation often become a source of inspiration to all those around them. One such individual whom we are proud to introduce is currently enrolled 5th quarter student, Oriel ‘Nyah Lyan’ Cornwall.

Hailing from the Virgin Islands, Nyah first discovered IPR on FaceBook.  I was curious to learn what particular aspects or features of the school had influenced his decision to attend.  He replied that “At first, the only thing driving me was intrigue and a desire to achieve.  Once I had arrived, the location itself was doing a pretty good job of furthering my excitement – the city is so beautiful.  Then I met (IPR Admissions Representative) Tanya Norman and my heart was instantly set on this place.  The facilities almost brought me to tears during my tour; they were so state of the art, at least to an amateur like me.  The warm greetings and hospitality from all the faculty really made me feel welcome as well.  I noticed the close knit structure of the school, that it was a nesting ground for artistic creation and advancement.  Every room seemed to hold a different key to my success.  I remember walking through Master Mix and how my thoughts raced at the oncoming possibilities.  There were several other routes I was looking into, but in comparison to other institutions, IPR truly seemed like the perfect combination of all the qualities I was looking for – a school focused not only on developing and nurturing me as a recording artist, but also on building and establishing a music entertainment career that will stand the test of time.  Even the background story behind the school’s construction and mission gives you insight into the level of passion and dedication felt by even the highest seats in the organization: It is Definitely a Doorway to My Dreams.”

Every room seemed to hold a different key to my success” ~ Nyah Lyan

 While Nyah’s commitment and dedication to furthering his aspirations as a vocalist and music maker are clearly evident, I also wondered when he had discovered his passion for media services / consultation and whether there are any role models or figures he looks up to within that industry.  He recollected that “It was near the end of my 2nd quarter… I had completed an interesting mixture of classes that simultaneously expanded my outlook and understanding of the business, while defining my own capabilities and potential contributions as an industry professional.  One of the classes was Small Business Management, taught by Eric Trelstad.  In this class the things that really stood out (aside from the tons of terminology and business ‘lingo’ I was slowly beginning to master) were the concepts taught on setting up an actual business in the state of Minnesota. The knowledge I gained in regards to setting up a business entity, combined with the understanding of intellectual property & value and the way it applies to freelance / independent companies  (gained via the many lectures in Intellectual Property Law taught by Scott Legere), changed my view of my own business value and potential entirely.  Once I began to grasp concept after concept which I deemed necessary for my business’ success and functionality, I gradually realized that the services my “Company” offered were actually all the knowledge and skills I had attained attending class and completing assignments: all intellectual property.  I was my business, therefore so long as I exist, so does my company.  Now I can conduct my business anywhere.  As far as figures I look up to, in all honesty I am attempting to model my efforts after any and every stable and profitable privately owned business.”

Efforts are indeed already underway to build Naturally Budzin Productionz, a business venture conceptualized and founded by two of Nyah’s brothers, Star – Ras and Jah Fiyah, which is now benefiting from Nyah’s own distinct contributions as well.  I wanted to offer him an opportunity to speak on any philosophies, strategies, and motivations involved in getting this project off the ground.  Nyah candidly stated that “Naturally Budzin Productionz is based on a Dream of Free Creative Expression.  There are two aspects to the company, there is a Spiritual Creative and a Break Through Business.  Being that I am a pious music soul, no matter how savvy or lucrative my skills become I can never forget the reason why I began pursuing music in the first place. There is great purpose in the reason.  We strive to return authenticity to the musician’s credentials palette by creating meaningful environments with our music – atmospheres that are conducive to positive energy and lasting, memorable moments.  Instead of selling music, we capture life changing experiences, and use our songs, videos , graphic arts and personal connections as mnemonic devices so our fans and supporters can share in them forever.  We plan to facilitate music in its newest goal: to serve as a driving force in society and culture, one that touches and moves nations the way it used to.  We plan to Save Lives, End Wars, and Cause Great Positive Change not only in the music industry, but in the entire world, because we know music has always came through for Humanity, especially when times are like they are today.  On the business aspect we plan to shatter the traditional scope and infrastructure of recording labels, by ushering in a new breed of music companies established on mutual benefit, where all partnership and contract agreements are long, deeply rooted friendships and positive relationships.  The pairing of media skill sets that complement one another in a unified fashion on singular or similar projects will conceptually simulate the work flow and output of traditional recording companies while eliminating much of the risk, liability, stress, conflict, and expense traditionally involved with those large companies.  In my opinion, the change of pace will attract an influx of business that will make the short term successful enough to support our long term goals. We Hope that maintaining this type of approach will, in time, develop a network of solid support that will strengthen us from the ground up.  By developing connections with upcoming artists via our business services, while continuing to expand our previous connections with important industry figures, we will eventually become an inside source, acting as a pipeline to deliver seasoned artists and industry professionals from our “nurturing grounds” – where they shall undergo intense training and development to hone their skills and crafts; whether it be a musical act with hopes of becoming the next big thing or a hot shot agent in need of some higher level press or an entry level gig – to the right people in the business to further them in the attainment of their dreams.”

Finally, I inquired on which specific things he had learned thus far at IPR that were directly contributing  to achieving his goals.

“There are actually several programs that have greatly contributed to my success.  The first would have to be Photoshop and Illustrator, which together comprise the back bone of my graphic design work.  Then there is Final Cut Pro, an essential tool I use in all my video production and editing, whether it be music videos or documentaries. The next program i tackled was Adobe Dream Weaver which is a web development tool / HTML and CSS interface. The program taught me two things: an understanding of web design and construction as well as basic knowledge of Web encoding.  I did work in the Electronic Press Kit department, for which I normall utilize the Apple  iDVD program, however you can use several other programs to build EPk’s, it just depends on your preference.  I took my knowledge of marketing and applied it directly to my social and internet presences, thereby getting a chance to utilize my CSS and HTML coding a little more. One thing that is not so curriculum based that I have gained from my involvement at IPR is a strong work ethic as well as an undaunted confidence and comfort on stage and in the studio.



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