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Spring 2012 Student Showcase Recap!

Despite the patio-perfect weather, Honey’s ground-level music lounge, lit solely by a blend of lavender and fuchsia lights beaming on the stage and the reflections of loud cubism paintings that drenched the walls with color; the turnout for the Spring 2012 Student Music Showcase was spectacular!  Thank you to all who came out to support the event and a special shout out goes to those who won tickets to Soundset 2012 happening this weekend.  The winners rewarded for supporting their fellow students included:  Angie Mack, Adam Paulus (Moving Parts), Kenny Gargus (Moving Parts), Jeremy Thiessen (The Future Was Then), Jerome Berczyk, Angela Taubert, Nick Larson (Fargone.), Taylor Greene, Jeremiah Dreher( The Future Was Then), Austin Sprynatyk (Moving Parts),  and Ally Jones.  A warm round of applause for everyone who won tickets to Soundset at the Student Music Showcase!

Delighted to have opportunity to both open and close the show as the first-ever electronic artists to muse the audience, The Future Was Then composed of Jeremiah Dreher and Jeremy Thiessen, were not able to perform due to technical difficulty despite their diligent efforts.   Contrary to their previous luck the disappointed and frustrated duo won Soundset tickets and received a lot of encouragement from the crowd as Director of Student Services, Erica West, announced that she hopes to book them soon in another showcase.  We look forward to experiencing their magic in the near future!

First up on the stage was the band Daddy Jive.  Band members included Jordan Colbert, Oliver Books, Matt Lease, and Nick Knapp.  The band let their music do the talking for them and one could say their sound was Southern Rock and R & B infused with a dash of Red Hot Chili Peppers and a pinch of Sublime.  Their very unique sound, the stage presence of their lead singer and impressive guitar solos performed by Jordan Colbert definitely revved the crowd up for the following acts!

Next up on the stage, was the Indie rock/folk influenced band Moving Parts to deliver their veteran performance on Honey’s stage for the Student Music Showcase.  Band members included:  Adam Paulus, Austin Sprynczynatyk, Ben Roberts, Tony Schurbon, and Kenny Gargus.   You may remember that, the band had their showcase debut in the Late Fall of 2011 where keyboard palyer Austin Sprynczynatyk went from holding down the keys to playing a cameo on the banjo for a crowd favorite song.  This sounds like a lot to top in this performance, but the crowd was elated to see that Sprynczynatyk’s versatility had prevailed; he impressed the audience again by juggling both the banjo and the keys.  The dynamic that the banjo adds to the sound differentiates this band from other indie rock bands in a way that is sure to please the crowd!

Fargon.e. is a polished hip hop infused duo made up of Nick Larsen and Marc Colbert currently both in their last quarters at IPR.  To say the least, these two were entertaining on the stage.  The duo used a combination of live and electronic elements in the beats they created and accompanied them with insightfully brainy lyrics.  Nick Larsen’s (Harvy Moon) very animated and amusing performance kept most of the attention on him until Marc Colbert AKA MC spit the lyrics to “She’s Mean.” As the crowd’s heads bobbed it was evident everyone in the audience knew the girl MC he was referring to.  Both men complement one another very well in their act, needless to say there is never a dull moment when these two are on the stage.  Congratulations on a wonderful performance, IPR will miss you, best of luck in future endeavors!

Last but not least to enter the spotlight was Laya the Slaya.  Supported only by her beats, she opened her set with an impressive freestyle that flowed naturally.  Seasoned by her victory in the freestyle competition at the Groove event held earlier this month at the Triple Rock, Slaya captivated the audience, composed primarily of rockers, with her lyrics.  Not for one second did she let the fact that she was only female rap artist trip her up as she performed.  Slaya may be the newest face on the stage, but don’t let that fool you.  Be prepared from something brand new in her future shows!  I’m sure everyone is still humming Slayas closing tune, “Do You Wanna?”

Stay tuned for the next Student Music Showcase!

Karah Barr, Student Services Coordinator|IPR



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