Thank you for your interest in The Institute of Production and Recording.


About Scheduling:
The Registrar’s Office is here to assist you through the scheduling process. However, the ultimate responsibility toward the progress and completion of your program rests with you.  SO TAKE CHARGE!

REMEMBER: Registration AFTER February 22nd will result in a $50 late registration fee.

Who Needs to Schedule:
All continuing students

How to Schedule:
·        Pick up a 08 SPRING Scheduling Booklet.  They will be located throughout the school.
·        Pay close attention to your program’s grid (located toward the front of the booklet.)  It is your guide and must be followed when scheduling and planning future quarters.
·        Everything you need to know to plan your schedule is in this booklet or on the student web site. .
·        Course descriptions can be found in your catalog or on the website listed above, under programs.
·        Come prepared.  Know what classes you need to take in the upcoming quarter.

Where & When to Schedule:

·        January 22 – February 22nd
·        Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
·        Registrar’s Office

(Note:  You will not be scheduled if you are not prepared.  This includes completing test outs for courses required and reflected on your program grid.)



Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

A representative will be contacting you shortly.