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Review of The Fast Track from last weeks DIY 360!

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11/12/10 – Minneapolis pop-punk band, The Fast Track, joined DIY 360 today, sharing their advice on breaking into the music scene with their own unique take on music.  Fresh off their recent tour, the band members (Peter Henkles, Phillip Petersen, Jordan Lyga, Frankie Blydenburgh, Victor Wright) wittily described their experiences booking their own shows, along with the struggles and successes that coincide in being so hands-on with their music career.  Self-described work horses, The Fast Track has not slowed down since forming in 2007, and are busy writing for their next album.  Determination like this will carry this quintet far into the music industry.

The Fast Track

For some bands a name is just that. For The Fast Track the name has also become a motto for the band. Since forming as a creative outlet for the bands founding members (Lyga and Petersen) in 2007, the band has hit the ground running, self-releasing two EP’s and criss crossing the country starting with their 2008 debut, “The Life and Death of the Party.”

The EP, (produced by Jamie Woolford (Gin Blossoms, Punchline, The Format), is a raw and organic breath of fresh air when compared to the synthetic auto-everything recordings being released by their contemporaries. Within weeks of leaving the studio, they hit the road hard in its promotion, heading to both coasts and touring the Midwest extensively. Setting the record up for long stays on both interpunk and smartpunk’s best sellers lists, as well as strong iTunes sales to this day.

Their efforts and strong DIY work ethic did not go unnoticed, earning the band spots sharing stages alongside pop mainstays Boys Like Girls, and scene icons The Smoking Popes, two consecutive Warped Tour appearances, and features in both AMP and Substream magazines.

For the follow up to their first proper release, the band enlisted producer Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Over It, The Dangerous Summer) to help get them to the next level in their musical evolution. What resulted was the “Judge and Jury” EP, a more mature, driving and intensely personal release than their previous effort.

With the new EP, a full-time touring schedule planned, and a love for playing rock and roll exceeding all other things in life, the sky’s the limit for The Fast Track.

Next week, DIY welcomes Kill the Vultures to Robinson Hall.

Kill The Vultures



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