Thank you for your interest in The Institute of Production and Recording.

Registration for Spring 2013 Begins!

It is time to Register for Spring 2013

  • Monday, February 11th – Registration for everyone
  • Avoid $50 Late Fee.  Register before Friday, March 8th
  • Registrar’s Office: M-Th, 9am-7pm, F, 9am-5pm
  • Lab Office: 24/7


  1. Pick up a Spring Scheduling Booklet AND your personal Tracking Sheet.  They are both located at the Lab Office on 1st floor.
  2. Pay close attention to your Tracking Sheet. It is your best resource for tracking program progress and must be followed when scheduling and planning future quarters.
  3. Everything you need to know to plan your schedule is in this booklet, and on your personal Tracking Sheet.
  4. Course descriptions can be found in your catalog or at
  5. Come prepared.  Know what classes you need to take in the upcoming quarter. For assistance in choosing courses, or curriculum questions, please see the Program Chairs for guidance.
  6. Allow yourself plenty of time. Students will not be excused from class attendance because of registration. Try coming in during a period that you are not scheduled for classes.
  7. Note:  You will not be scheduled if you are not prepared.


  • Please go directly to the Registrar’s office to register for next quarter.

Spring Quarter Calendar

CLASSES BEGIN                                                                     Monday, April 1

CLASSES END                                                                         Friday, June 14

QUARTER BREAK (Offices Open/Facilities Open*)                   Saturday, June 15 – Sunday, July 14

*Unless posted otherwise.

HOLIDAYS  (No Classes, Offices/Facilities Closed)

Memorial Day                                                                         Monday, May 27





Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

A representative will be contacting you shortly.