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Recap of last weeks DIY 360 with Ian Anderson.

11/5 – DIY was honored to host IPR instructor and Afternoon Records President, Ian Anderson, on Friday morning.  Adam Levy introduced Here Come the Regulars: How to Run a Record Label on a Shoestring Budget, which embodies the DIY mentality and injects fresh ideas on starting your own record label in this new music industry.  When asked about real world advice on how to be successful, Ian expressed how important it is to work with artists whose efforts you truly love.  It may not be where the money is, but you will be more passionate about the music you uphold.

From Here Come the Regulars:

Ian Anderson started recording music when he was thirteen and launched his own successful label, Afternoon Records, in 2003, when he was just eighteen. Now this wunderkind of the indie music scene has written the ultimate guide for all those aspiring to a career in the record industry.Here Come the Regulars covers territory ranging from a label’s image to its budget, focusing on the importance of blogging culture and how to use new media like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and iTunes to the best advantage.

Aside from its essential advice—including a truthful account of the role of attorneys, contracts, and record deals—this accessible guide also contains key practical information ranging from sample legal agreements and press releases to actual figures illustrating how much money to spend on what (promotion, tour expenses, even T-shirts), all specifically geared toward the young upstart with very little in the bank.

As the front man for the indie-pop band One for the Team and the editor of the music blog MFR, Anderson demonstrates how an energetic and persevering small label can thrive in an era of big box stores and homogenized radio stations. Showing how to start with $500 and an office that’s the size of your bedroom closet because it is your bedroom closet, Here Come the Regulars will become the dog-eared, underlined bible on your nightstand.

Next week DIY 360 will be joined by the Minneapolis pop-punk band, The Fast Track.



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