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Recap of last weeks DIY 360 with George Nemzer.

Last Friday, we were joined by Hollywood sound designer, George Nemzer at Adam Levy’s DIY 360.  Nemzer is an accomplished sound designer who has worked on Star Trek, Seinfeld, Dumb and Dumber, and many more successful Hollywood films and television shows.  Reading from a filmography written by his oldest son, Nemzer was incredibly modest, considering his vast accomplishments.  He got his start working as a tour manager for the likes of the Supremes, the Beatles, Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton, and many more.  Nemzer was working a day job at a tile shop when he was first offered a gig dubbing English vocals over a Spanish-spoken television show.  He quickly worked his way up in the industry and was soon doing sound for major Hollywood films and TV shows.   Throughout his career, he has built a library of sound, and that is what he should be admired for the most.  Nemzer owns a huge library of sound, most of which are sounds he created, and his library is extremely organized.  Anybody looking to get into the post production area of the industry need look no further than George Nemzer for a perfect example of how to stay organized as you build your library of sound effects.










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