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Recap of last Friday's DIY with the Indie rock band Phantom Tails.

1/14/11 – Indie rock band Phantom Tails brought the Sounds of the Hunchback Whale to Robinson Hall last Friday. Performing songs off their first and only album, Phantom Tails shook the room with their garage like sound and hip hop beats from their MPC. Band members, Sergio Hernandez, Dave Dorman, Orion Treon, and Logan Kerkhof discussed their song writing and inspiration for their music. It was a unique mix of 80’s dance music, alternative rock, German synth music, and animal sounds.  The band recently emerged together in 2009 and made it on City Pages’ Best Bands of 2010. With an upcoming tour and a series of local shows, Phantom Tails is on their way to great success.  –Megan Schueller

Phantom Tails formed in early 2009.  In fact, the band never really formed so
much as it emerged as part of a natural progression. All four members had
been playing together for some time in the other bands before indulging to embark on a more electronic, gritty, and concise musical path. Wielding distorted analog synthesizers, fuzz bass, and angular guitar while brandishing electronic
drum beats sampled from vintage 808 machines, traditional sumatran folk music, and sonar whale recordings, they have executed this transition.

Next week DIY will be joined by a panel of guests including Jen Boyles, Web Editor of City Pages, Brian Oake, DJ at Cities 97, Zach Pentel, band manager and owner of 808, and Lily Troia, Invisble Button Entertainment.



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