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Recap from Giravves at DIY 360 last Friday.

2/25/2011 – Giravves is a culmination of stories blended into a quintet of talented musicians.  Getting their influences from Weezer, The Cars, and Guided By Voices, the group’s sound brings to a John Hughes movie transported into 2011.  Industrious to the max, Giravves are unique with their lead singer/drummer displaying his talents right up front and center.  With their many side projects, Jeff Ham (guitar, vox), Pete Jelsma (drums, lead vox), Sean Hoffman (bass),  Kate Murray (synths, vox), and Marty Mueller (flying V) are diligent and persevering at maintaining their music careers outside of living busy lives.



If you took the pop sensibilities of That Dog and catchy guitar hooks of Weezer and put them into a blender plus Bob Moog with elongated cervical vertebrae and Ric Ocasek on stilts, well then you just might have a concoction similar to GIRAVVES. These folks have played in many bands, including ELnO, Mark Mallman, Manplanet, Detroit, American Paint, Crossing Guards, Radio On, and Fan Fiction..

Next Week DIY is joined by Adam Levy’s band, Liminal Phase.



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