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Producer John Fields will join DIY 360 this Friday 10/31 at 11:30am!

 “Friday 10/31 at 11:30am in Robinson Hall Adam Levy will be hosting the second session of DIY 360, a conversation group about your musical career.

Joining the group this week is Adams good friend, producer John Fields.

John’s discography is impressive:  the most recent  Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus records, Mandy Moore, Paul Westerberg, Soul Asylum, Rooney, Semisonic, The Honeydogs, The Rembrandts, and many more.

Ask him questions about getting started, working with major talent, touring, developing a clientele, networking, juggling family and music, and working with other famous producers.

DIY 360 meets every Friday at 11:30am in Robinson Hall.   360 will discuss varied issues related to your entertainment career: school, songwriting, networking, finding similarly-minded musicians, learning the professional layout of Minneapolis, and  searching for life harmony in this ever-changing business.”





Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

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