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News from the Library! – June 2010

“With heavy heart the library bids you adieu, 2010 graduates. Get out there and get’em! Ummm, before you do that, though, you have to return your library items. Thanks!

For those lucky returning students, keep your books over the summer & check the Facebook page and Library page for summer hours because the library will be open—not at night, but we’ll mostly be open during the break.

Come on in and check out all the new CDs, DVDs and books that just came in. I’ve got Hollywood blockbusters, artsy Cannes stuff, band/music genre related stuff, flicks about ‘50s & ‘60s with great soundtracks, awesome flick on freedom of speech (documentaries AND motion pictures)…so get on in here during the summer, ya hear?!

Tina Halfmann



Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

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