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News from the Library! – November 2009

“Congratulations to Miranda Huwe! She won an IPod Nano by taking the Globe Library Network survey!  A hearty “Thank you” to the rest of the students who participated and received neato-coolo Rhymesayers stickers. We’re ALL winners! (Dudes, seriously, 15% of the student body  participated-which I think was the highest of the 20 other Globe campuses. You really came through and I thank ye!)

Did you know that the Library has box sets available to check out? There are many, my peeps: History of Chess Jazz, The complete Stax/Volt soul singles, Motown Singles, Zeppelin,  The Hip-Hop Box and more recent additions, Richard Thompson (prolific “must hear” song writer) and yes, the Beatles re-mastered and many more! Get on over here!

Do you like Roots Music?– also known as Americana,  Alt Country & Country Punk. “No Depression” has a slew of information you can access online. Sign up on their website to receive tour dates for bands like “Old Crow Medicine Show”, news releases about who’s in the studio, CD/Vinyl releases and you can join a forum to rant and rave or gloat and praise. They have new CDs available for listening from old timers like Kris Kristofferson, middle-agers like Wilc,  and youngin’s like Drive By Truckers and Feist. All this is for free, my music biz friends and lovers of music, with the option to donate right on their website. Start with a read and a listen. It’s a beautiful thing!

Their link can also be found on the new and improved IPR Library Blog page:



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