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Need a Writing Tutor?

Hello Fellow Students! My name is Nick Gaines, I am a third quarter business student and IPR’s writing tutor! My journalism background includes 2 years as editor-in-chief for my high school’s yearbook and live news show, and I published a few articles on interpersonal personification for North Dakota State University’s quarterly journal. If you have any questions about a paper you’re trying to write, or you’re not sure how to begin, that is what I am here for! Use me, I am at your disposal IPR! You can find me in the Green Room on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30am-3:00pm, or if you prefer by appointment, you can contact me 24/7 at My email is a great way to have me look over a paper before you hand it in, and having worked closely with the writing instructors, I know what they’re looking for. I look forward to helping you out 🙂




Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

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