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Mill City Nights Hosts Groove 4: EDM Edition

Thursday April 24th 2013  Mill City Nights

Groove 4 EDM Edition

It was a cool Spring night in downtown Minneapolis but The Institute of
Production and Recording’s (IPR) event Groove was on a mission to heat up the night.  This was the fourth installment of Student Services’ evening event Groove hosted and co coordinated by Joe “Avey” Sadowski of Pheromoan Productions.  This time it was focused on Electronic Dance Music or EDM.  Groove 4’s goal was to bring all facets of electronic music together in one show.  In addition to music, local artist, Anna Hoover of annaBOMBart was in the house painting her vision live using brush and canvas.  A lucky show goer had the honor of taking home one of Anna’s original art pieces for free as a part of the show’s raffle.  The evening went as such:

DJ Performances:

First to hit the stage, was first quarter student Dani Young.  Dani warmed up the crowd with a mix of House and Electro which immediately inspired students and patrons to dance.  Her fun up-beat mix had the crowd glowing.

Second, was IPR’s own studio technician Mike Mellang, a DJ known as Everest.  Everest plays in the realm of Drum and Bass.  His quick changes and back beat mixes threw the crowd for a loop.  Everyone watched in awe as Everest made complex tweaks and edgy breakdowns.  His style drove the crowd and kept them guessing at every corner.

Next up, was Paul Znascko aka DJ Blaze One.  DJ Blaze One has been a veteran DJ for more than a decade as well as owning and operating Konkrete Jungle Minneapolis.  His energy grabbed hold of the crowd and never let go.  Every person in attendance was on their feet and crowding the front of the stage.  His blend of powerful Dubstep mixed with a Hip Hop edge was an instant crowd favorite.

Last but certainly not least, was Nick Shvetzoff or Nicky Boy Floyd who is an alumnus of IPR. Nicky had big shoes to fill after the seasoned pro DJ Blaze One shredded the stage.  Did this daunt him?  Answer, absolutely not.  Nicky came in hard and fast.   His blend of Dubstep and reggae backbeat filled rhythms lifted the crowd back to their feet and the dancing ensued.  His stage presence had everyone entranced.  Waving his hands and dancing to the beat.  His energy was not lost on the crowd for one second.

In addition to the performances, was an IPR student song competition.  Contestants included; John Anderson, Trenton Abbott, Kieffer Strassman, Sam Harrison, and Gilberto Caldero.  All students did an incredible job bringing their talents to the competition.  In the end, only one can take home the 1st place crown.  This time it was Kieffer Strassman taking the crown and winning a Shure SM57 Microphone.  His blending of complex sounds were an instant hit and the crowd proved it with their deafening cheers.  Honorable mentions go to Sam Harrison (Best bass tone) and Trenton Abbott (Best build-up to drop).  They both took home a $25 gift certificate to Target.  It was a fierce competition where all of these amazing artists shined.

Thank you to all who attended,Joe “Avey” Sadowski, Karah Barr, Mill City Nights, IPR Student Advisory Board, Anna Hoover, DJ Blaze One, Nicky Boy Floyd, Dani Young, Everest, and all students who took place in the song competition.





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