LIBRARY SURVEY If you haven’t already taken the survey, please go to the library site and stroke my fragile ego or let me know what you want from the library. Much obliged.

LET IT BLAB. Bring a fave song to the library. We’ll listen. We’ll talk. No big deal. Tuesday, November 18th @ 11:30. I’ll bring a treat.

LIMITED LIBRARY HOURS. Wed, Nov 19th 12:30-9:00 / Thurs Nov 20th 10:00-2:00, 3:00-9:00 /  Fri Nov 21st 12:30-2:30 PLAN AHEAD with Golden Ears, Reserve Readings etc.

OVERDUE MATERIAL. Please don’t make me put a hold on your record. You know who you are. You’re that guy/girl who has material that was due last month. Contact me to renew or please return, ok? Ok.

Lester says, “See you in the library.”

Tina Halfmann



Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Production and Recording.

A representative will be contacting you shortly.