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Library Plans The Revolution

But first… let’s give a cosmic, collective, punk rock head-butt birthday greeting to Iggy Pop, b. April 22, 1947. Here he is with the Stooges back in ’79 singing one of my faves.

The Following is Based on a True Events

(students entering library): Uh… yeah, we have to find music by these engineers, producers, managers and performers for both Steve Price and Scooter’s classes. Do you have any CD’s that Eddie Kramer, Trevor Horn, Augustus Pablo, and/or George Martin worked on?

Librarian (hollering over H-Vac system) : There are three easy steps to find producers, managers and/or a band my LibraryWorld fledglings:

1) At the student home page, click on library link.

2) Click on Research tab to find Catalog.

3) Type in all or part of their name, hit enter and all the CD’s they worked on, that we have in our collection, will come up.

Students skip to computer and begin typing and clicking.

Students: Nice! Sweet! Snap! F-ing A Cotton!




1. April 14th, 2009. Phil Spector. Convicted of murder. Question: Is it fair to cast aspersions on his ground-breaking work in music production history based on his criminal character (and questionable choice of wigs?) Think: We celebrate Picasso’s brilliance yet, this ground-breaking artist burned his female models with cigarettes as a means to capture their raw emotion. Discuss amongst yourselves.

2. Speaking of wacked hair….think: mohawk meets mullet = mo-llet? Watch this young French entrepreneur who choreographed the latest dance craze, “Tecktonic”. He copyrighted his moves and started his own franchise. Make millions by coming up with your own spastic dance. The guy is working with Janet Jackson to start marketing his stuff in the U.S.



Click on the link to hear who won some gear and got some recognition for submitting their song to Recording Magazine. Give it a shot. What have you got to lose? Nothing.

That’s all I got, my heroes.

Viva La Revolucion!



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