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My people.

I give the newbies at IPR a hearty welcome and hope hope your first couple of weeks have been fabbo. I would also like to introduce you to Lester Bangs, my favorite dead rock critic (look for his reviews in RocksBackpages). I have appointed him, whether he would have liked it or not, as the library mascot. Look for him. Look for his messages.

A hearty welcome back to the old and wizened Rock Stars, Managers and Engineers. Please, by all means, continue to rock. Oh, and please tell the newbies what I do to people who do not return items to the library. I thank thee.

Down to biz: You MUST! MUST! MUST! read one of these books before you graduate.

1. At least one ding-dang article from RocksBackpages on a classic band from olden times.

2. Let It Blurt: the Life and Times of Lester Bangs, America’s Greatest Rock Critic (quick, hilarious, sad, tragic and raw. You won’t believe what he does with a tube of Vicks inhalant (gag) ).

3. Beatles Anthology. I know, I know! It’s the beginning of week 3 and you’re already sick of hearing about the Beatles. Flip through this little tome and you’ll hear the Fab Four with a new set of ears, my furry little friends. Plus, you get a little inside scoop on naughty behavior.

Classic Rock CD’s that you MUST! MUST! MUST! hear before you graduate.

Aretha: Live at Fillmore West (1971). My babies, you have not heard Aretha sing until you hear her wail on “Respect” in double time. Ray joins her and the place explodes. I call it, simply “goosebumps”.

Genesis. Selling England By the Pound (1973).  My heroes, I’ll start with a caveat: do not listen to this on your computer. You need a full-on stereo or studio to blast your way into experimental Tolkien-like, fantasy land that, I’ll say, will absofreakinglutely take you to a magic place of prog-rockery. The return trip is kind of a bummer.

Alice Cooper

This photo needs a tagline.  Alice Cooper. Billion Dollar Babies (1973). Funny. They used to be labelled as satan worshipping, heavy metal, shock rock freaks that were bad for the kids, man.  If I put a parental advisory label on it, will you listen?

There is new stuff being processed every day, Mein Leiblings. Business books, bios, new mags and movies, so come on in here, ok? OK. Thanks for reading my ramblings.



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