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IPR Students Raise $442.42 to Fight Cancer!

Last quarter IPR teamed up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Minnesota to raise money for the nonprofit’s Pennies for Patients program.  Through events hosted by Aneesa Adams’s and Elise Roberts’s Global Citizenship classes, IPR students raised $442.42 that will go toward funding for research grants and patient services such as financial aid and family support groups.

With this campaign, students exercised both their creative and business skills.  Roberts’s class organized a breakfast buffet for the school, offering donuts, juice, cereal, and coffee for donations, and Adams’s class provided pizza in exchange for donations.  Students also came up with the creative idea of the “human jukebox,” where they took donations to play specific songs and genres.

Students from Roberts’s class wrote of their experience, “we have not only learned how to appreciate the ones in our lives but to also appreciate our lives in general and realize how truly fortunate we are… Leukemia is one of the most severe cases of cancer, and it’s amazing how treatment is advancing and improving the lives of patients and their families.”



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