IPR Students Organize Tribute Show in Honor of Fellow Student Ryan Ogle

IPR student Ryan Ogle
IPR student and founder of the St. Paul Love Project, Ryan Ogle

Legacy of LoveThe Legacy of Love was a tribute show for the late Ryan Ogle, a wonderful person and talented producer who lost his life earlier this year.

Ryan enrolled as a student in October of 2014 and excelled beyond words throughout the time that he was with us. He influenced and inspired many of his classmates, as well as other people in our community.

His work ethic, passion and dedication was admired by all who had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan. Some of these students took it into their own hands to put together a tribute show in his memory to celebrate the wonderful life he lived. These students included, but are not limited to: Kaia Deschane, Arlo Stafford, Tyler Cerny, Chad Atkins, Lindsey Boyd, Ryan Hayes, Ryan McCready, and many other students.

The show was not only a tribute, but also a fundraiser for the St. Paul Love Project. This is a non-profit organization that was founded by Ryan and has since been taken over by those who support his dreams. We will continue the legacy he left behind.

The St. Paul Love Project’s mission is simple: get people involved in music and art who wouldn’t necessarily be financially capable of doing so themselves. This was a celebration of a beautiful life and was the opportunity for us to touch the lives of those around us, as we are all still here to enjoy the blessing of life. Ryan’s family is pleased to see others helping carry on his legacy.

“We want to express our deepest gratitude to the IPR students who organized this event,” said Ryan’s dad, Dave Ogle. “What a wonderful bunch of talented kids.”

Written by Kaia Deschane