IPR Students Collect Goods and Funds for Student Food Shelf

Written by IPR Student Caitlin Nelson

Being a college student can have its ups and downs. One hard thing to deal with is being a young, broke college student who is unable to afford food. At IPR, there is a resource given to students for just this reason, the IPR food shelf. At the IPR food shelf, students can grab a snack for the day or grab something to bring home for dinner. But, the food shelf isn’t well publicized and many students are unaware of its existence. Where is it? Who can use it? Well, to access the IPR student food shelf, one simply needs to go up to the 5th floor and ask the front desk receptionist about it The food shelf is  open to any student who needs the help.

Recently it came to the attention of IPR staff that the food shelf was low on food and funds. Scott (Scooter) Nelson brought this up to his current Event IPR student working the food drive tableProduction class and the group discussed how they could raise awareness and funds for the shelf. After a quick discussion, the students had come up with incorporating a food shelf awareness campaign into an ongoing event, the Lip Sync Battle.

For two weeks prior to the event, class members  set up a table outside the elevators on the 3rd floor and promoted the event while raising money for the food shelf. They managed to raise $200 for the food shelf as well collect a great deal of food. At the Lip Sync Battle, more money and food were collected, and the grand total of $300 dollars was reached.

As awareness of the food shelf is raised, the demand will only increase, so expect similar events in the future. Thank you to all who donated money and goods for supporting IPR students and making the drive a success.