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IPR Presents: Student Showcase/Bruce McLaughlin Memorial

This quarter, Student Services worked with the late Bruce McLaughlin’s family to incorporate a memorial service for him into the Spring 2013 Student Showcase.  Bruce was an active member on the Student Advisory Board taking part in serving pancake breakfasts to the elderly and volunteering to hand out refreshments to participants of the Minnesota AIDS Walk.  He strived to be a mentor and role model to students here on the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) campus and is greatly appreciated and remembered for that.   During the memorial, Bruce’s family and friends took the stage to share their memories of him.  Eulogies were followed by performances by Kevin Bowe, one of Bruce’s favorite instructors; The Mammoth Catches Fire, a band Bruce produced; and the Bruce McLaughlin Band, that was very active in performing at past Student Showcases.  All proceeds raised from the event were put into a scholarship fund that will be offered to IPR students Late Fall 2013 Quarter.  Following the memorial were performances by current IPR students.

Student Performances

Untamed Committee (UTC) warmed up the crowd as our one and only hip hop group with an amazingly upbeat performance.  This was their first performance in a long time, and their lyrics proved to not only be catchy but insightful as well.  Their beats were also something to write home about.  With bangers like “Make a Mil” Ty and Chuck clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to laying down tracks.  Jasaman Willies also held her own as the only female lyricist in the group.  We look forward to seeing more shows from UTC!

Tailgate Grace is a Southern Rock/Country band headed by Brian Sealy.  The Spring 2013 Student Showcase was the first show they played together as a group.  Steve Richie wowed the crowd with his slamming solos, Andy Juco kept the energy going on lead guitar, and Jadyn Miller set the lively tempo on drums.  Though they brand themselves as a Southern Rock/Country band, their music had everyone’s head bobbing in the audience.  One can tell Andy and Jadyn take pride in experimenting on guitar and drums to make Tailgate Grace’s songs appeal to a broader audience.  Don’t miss Tailgate Grace’s next show on July 27th at Louie’s in St. Paul!

Nothing Special, a fairly new band in the Minneapolis pop-punk scene, closed down the showcase with an emotional final performance as a band.  Their riffy guitar driven style was reminiscent of bands like “Bad Religion”, “The Offspring”, “New Found Glory”, and “Sum 41” and had the crowd begging for more. Their catchy hooks, amazing stage presence, and “Blink-182” style banter made their performance unforgettable to all who had the luxury of witnessing their magic!  Congratulations on going out with a bang!



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