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IPR presents Music in the Park: Rain didn’t stop the music

Thursday was a rainy day at Minnehaha Falls but that didn’t stop the IPR team from putting on a show. IPR Student Services and the Student Advisory Board were there just after noon preparing for the day’s festivities. With umbrella in hand, the VIP area was set up, the grill was fired up and the indoor pavilion was configured for music.

Working hand-in-hand, IPR alumnus Tom Colvin and Jay Fleming’s live sound engineering class set up the pavilion to accommodate live music. Meanwhile, Matthias Saunders’ digital cinema class filled the place up with cameras to capture the action, including artist interviews in the VIP area conducted by SAB member Shelby Fisher.

The music started right on time at 5pm with opening band State of Mind. Although the group was missing two members for this performance, they included IPR student Craig Cherny and sounded strong with impressive vocals and energetic guitar strumming.

Everyone in attendance was blown away by the next performers, The Road Crew. Featuring students from The School of Rock, this band destroyed the room with rock covers full of slaying guitars, thrashing drums and killer vocals. The band had more than ten members, so they would switch out between songs, providing the set with an enjoyable variety and energy. Included in the group was the son of IPR faculty member Mary Jane Alm!

Next up was My Brother Mary, whom everyone remembers from last winter’s Student Showcase Concert. IPR student Rob Ryan played drums and did some singing during this set of 100% rock. We’ve come to expect nothing but solid music from these guys.

Dred I Dread was next on the bill featuring IPR student Hoku Aki. Nothing sounds more fitting in the summertime than this band’s reggae-inspired music in the park. We’ve seen these musicians perform a couple times at recent events, and they seem to keep getting better.

The night closed with The New Congress, who wowed everyone with their professionalism and talent. They were recently named the Twin Cities’ best R&B group by City Pages, and they are soon putting out an independent national release. Be sure to check it out, with tracks featuring Twista & Talib Kweli.

All in all the night was beautiful, albeit wet. Thank you to SAB members Sarah Pavelec, Shelby Fisher, Kate Turner, Joseph Souza, David Stevens, David Wolfgram, Will Hensley and Ty Cody. Thanks also to Matthias Saunders and the video students who captured the night on film: Soren Gauche, Oriel Cornwall, Taylor Iseminger, Chanel Tattenbach, Treng Phuong Dinh, Alexander Jaramillo, Sarah Connolly, Adam Byer and IPR alumnus Lauren Alford. Additional thanks to Jay Fleming’s live sound engineering class for their help setting up the stage. Special thanks to Rebecca Buller for catering the event, Eric Bull for his audio recording assistance, admissions team members Londo Masterman and Tanya Norman, Sable Cofrin and B.U.M. Radio, Student Run Records for recording and releasing a single for two winners from our raffle, Chipotle, Vitamin Water and Redbull for their donations, and co-founder Lance Sabin and the rest of staff and faculty for their support.



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