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IPR Hosted Video Production Summer Camp Wrap Up (WK 1)

This week’s Video Production Summer Camp has come to a successful close.  Here are a few of the week’s highlights from Instructors Jimmy Watkins and Josh Burdette:

  • The students this week were really engaged. Sure we had to construct a framework within which the students could operate, but they were all really creative, and, most of the time, they didn’t need to be told to participate; the students naturally gravitated towards video production tasks in which they were interested. This made for a satisfying week of instruction and learning.
  • Both the students and their instructors wanted to dig in deeper, and do so much more to the video project than time permitted. We (Josh and Jimmy) agree the project turned out well for the time students had to complete it. Even so, we’re already strategizing to tweak things for next week’s group.
  • Jimmy and Josh agreed that this week’s camp was a fun sharing experience. They were able to connect again with why it is they love doing video (and audio), and they were able to see some of the same excitement in their students as the week moved forward.
  • The final video is close to 10 minutes long with the blooper reel included. Check with your “campers” to see the final result. As it turns out we cannot post it for online viewing due to release and consent issues, but pre-planning for next week’s reporting should include releases for video and pictures. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.



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