IPR Holds Pokémon Go Drawing for Students

DVMP Chair Trey Wodele providing refuge for a virtual Pokémon Go creature
DVMP Chair Trey Wodele providing refuge for a Pidgey

If you’re noticing students walking around campus looking at the world through their phones, it’s probably because they are busy playing the incredibly popular game Pokémon Go. The game uses location-based augmented reality to place virtual Pokémon in public places. Players use their phones to locate the virtual creatures, then capture and train them for battle.

There have been quite a few Pokémon spotted around IPR’s Downtown Campus, as well as the IPR Studios in Edina. First term DVMP student Mitchell “Weebz” Webber captured a screenshot of a “Pidgey” hiding under the chair of Digital Video and Media Production  chair Trey Wodele as he took attendance.

IPR Students: If you capture a screenshot of a Pokémon hiding on either of our campuses or on the streets outside the buildings, post it to Facebook, link the IPR Institute of Production and Recording Facebook page,  and the hashtag #IPRPokemonGo in the comments and you will be eligible for the weekly IPR Pokémon Go drawing. Each week, an active IPR student will win a $25 gift card.

Good luck and good hunting.