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IPR Hires New Talent to Pro Audio Outlet

Please join me in welcoming Isaac Halvorson to the IPR Pro Audio Outlet team. An admitted nerd, like most of us, Isaac replaces a tough act to follow (aka Dan Cortez). Isaac is a worthy addition! Stop by and welcome him.


A few facts about our new talent:

  • Born and raised in North Dakota
  • Moved to Minneapolis to go to IPR in 2008
  • Graduated valedictorian October of 2010
  • Was on the student advisory board for most of my time at IPR
  • Pro Tools certified
  • Logic Studio Master certified
  • fluent in Ableton Live, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Stuff I enjoy
    • I’m a big nerd, I love learning and talking about computers, technology, and the internet; especially when it somehow relates to music
    • movies: I actually almost went to film school before deciding IPR was a better fit. I love watching movies and discussing movies
    • music-wise, I really enjoy punk rock, hip-hop, electronic, some metal and jazz, and most of all oldies (as is apparent by my final project, which can be listened to and downloaded from here:
  • A few months before graduating, I started a record label called Hospice Media ( with Ryan Terrell, a friend and fellow IPR student of mine.
  • Recently, I’ve been recording live shows for friends with my portable 8-channel recorder/mixer, and have enjoyed that very much.
  • Immediately after graduation, I was hired on in the Lab office here at IPR. Working overnights was tough, but I eventually made it to the day shift. I had a great time and learned a lot.



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