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IPR 2011 Summer Commencement

Congrats 1

Saturday, June 25th, 2011 – The jams were on, the lights were up, and the people were plenty. Instructor Scott Nelson (MC “Scooter”) did a fantastic job of keeping commencement focused, I can't beleive it!and Steve Hodge, keynote speaker, gave his shoes to the graduates (metaphorically speaking). No worries, he doesn’t need them anyhow.

Dean of Students Rebecca Buller announced our graduates as IPR co-owner Lance Sabin and IPR Director Brian Jacoby congratulated students with handshakes and diplomas. Let’s be honest, this part of graduation is for everyone but the graduate; we’re proud of our students, and we want to show off our best (that’s why we parade you across the stage).  And, it’s fun to see the smiles and the brief facial realization that they’ve finally done it! Congratulations graduates!

DJ Aaron Litschke provided our soundtrack for the day.  And all the usual suspects were present including lots of IPR faculty and staff; because we love our students, and we also enjoy the added benefit of cake and free punch.

Summer Commencement 2011 Valedictorians were Ian Morland (winter 2011), and Jayson Whitmore (spring 2011); IPR’s holds two commencements per year and graduates two classes per commencement.

Packed House 2

Each graduation the IPR faculty also takes a private vote for an in-house recognition called the Icon Award. Students never know in advance who will receive it, and they’re always surprised when they do. Some awards simply can’t be defined through academic achievement, and the IPR faculty sees value in the “the hustler”, the hard worker, and those who reach out and help others even when it requires personal sacrifice. Icon Award winners for winter 2011 graduates include Ethan Shiell, and Brittany Wallman, and Icon Award winners for spring 2011 include Jayson Whitmore and Youa Vang.

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The IPR Student Services Department works really hard to make sure graduation goes off without a hitch. Special thanks to Erica, Anna, and Joe. This summer’s commencement was choice!

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If you’re interested in seeing additional commencement pictures, click on any of the above photos to view our Flickr photostream.



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