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Win a CD or DVD from the IPR Library of your choice from a slew of options byy coming to the library between 9:00-5:00 with answers to these trivia questions:

 1. 2008 is the 40th anniversary of the Democratic National Convention which was held in Chicago. You’ve seen footage of a peaceful demonstration turning riotous when the National Guard and CPD moved in started  d beating, gassing and arresting war protesters.

From the demonstrations, eight people were arrested and tried for conspiracy to incite a riot, which, ironically, incited riots outside the courthouse to free them. The people arrested were known collectively as    The Chicago Eight (aka Conspiracy Eight) then the Chicago Seven (when one prisoner’s trial was severed) aka.     QUESTION: Name three of the people known as the Chicago Eight.

 2. “Yippie” (yes, “Y” not “H”) is an acronym for what?

3. What is your favorite 21st century protest or political song?

 4. Bonus prize: Whose trial was severed and how long did he serve in prison compared to the others? Oh, the racism and injustice of it all.

Check out the New  Magazine:

Computer Music—for the electronic music lover in all of us. First person to check it out gets a the free complimentary CD.


Grammy award winning producer Mark Johnson lays down a vocal track from a street musician in New Orleans. Next stop, Whereverville, where he adds another vocal/instrument. He repeats this process as he makes his way around the world and the end result is an amazing documentary on the power of music uniting the world in peace, and literally, harmony.

Proceeds from this documentary go building recording schools all over the world as a way to strengthen communities through music.

There are some good things happening in the world after all.





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