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Interested in an internship? Internships are a great way to get the “foot in the door” and some internships are paid. And with IPR’s new Internship for Credit Program, certain internships may earn elective credit. Many companies have started interviewing for 2009 Summer Internships so do your research early! The best place to start is IPR’s Career Services Website . Under the “Links & Resources” tab read the Q&A section and check out the “Step-by-Step” guide so you can get started. We list some internships under the “Internships / P-Time” tab but you can find many more if you go to the web. Use search engines such as Yahoo! or Google and search for internships or go to company’s websites and look for internships in their employment/job/career section. If you have any questions, stop by the Career Services office or send an email to




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